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Episode 1 - Maria Failla

Our first guest EVER is Maria with Bloom and Grow Radio! Maria is a self-proclaimed plant killer turned plant lady on a mission to make the world a kinder and greener place by helping everyone successfully take care of houseplants.

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Episode 2 - Nick Pileggi

Nick documents his indoor gardening journey on his YouTube channel, where he makes videos sharing his experiences and learnings on anything and everything having to do with houseplants. He currently grows roughly 350 plants in his one bedroom apartment in Philadelphia, PA, accompanied by his cat, Muffin.

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Episode 3 - Betsy Begonia

Betsy makes YouTube videos about houseplant love and care from plant care tips to plant history and other fun, plant-related topics.

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Episode 4 - Katherine Nizzi

Katherine is the designer & maker behind TerracottaKat. Over the past fifteen years, she’s worked in the marketing industry, specializing in design, social media and photography. 

For years she’s dreamt of opening her own pottery studio, which she has finally been able to open! She currently shares all things planty and pottery related on her Instagram, @TerracottaKat. You can also find special guest appearances from her fur babies-- of which there are several.

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Episode 5 - Kamili Bell Hill

Kamili is a voracious reader, lover of the arts, and a certified Potter Head. Combining her love for plants and design, she curated a brand and a community in PlantBlerd and Black People with Plants that reflect her personal ethos, and are open and welcoming to all. She grounds her work - in all areas of her life - in adaptive creativity. Like the joy in watching a leaf unfurl, or falling in love with a character in a new book, Kamili knows that magic lives just beyond what we can see.

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Episode 6 - Hong Nguyen

She's the co-owner of Botaniful, a plant sanctuary in a neglected loft space in Edmonton, Canada. Hong and her husband tend to their plants and help them thrive before sending them to new owners pest free, successful, and well consulted. They also have a wonderful team that loves helping customers to ensure the plants they purchase will thrive in their space. All of their products are carefully picked and added to their collection of plants, and quality plant and home goods. Their goal is to make sure you succeed and thrive in your plant parenting.

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Episode 7 - Darryl Cheng

Darryl is the creator of the incredibly popular blog and Instagram account, House Plant Journal. Darryl’s passion for plants and engineering approach have turned him into one of the most trusted resources of the internet houseplant world. What was initially a hobby Tumblr page has turned into an Instagram account with over half a million followers, a foundational houseplant care book entitled ‘The New Plant Parent’, a game-changing online course, and plant time-lapse videos that have gone viral around the world.

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Episode 8 - Benji Le

Benji’s plant journey started with helping his dad in the garden where he grew a lot of veggies and fruits. As he grew older, he started having a few houseplants of his own. He majored in environmental studies at the University of California Santa Cruz. Now he’s living in Los Angeles, California where he does content creation on tiktok, instagram, and youtube full time.

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Carmeon Hamilton

Episode 9 - Carmeon Hamilton

Carmeon is a Memphis-based interior designer and lifestyle blogger behind the brand, Nubi Interiors, winner of HGTV’s Design Star: Next Gen and star of HGTV’s Reno My Rental. Her work, story and content around design, branding and elevating the everyday are featured and referenced in Architectural Digest, Southern Living, Essence, Domino and more. Carmeon utilizes her design education and vast experience to discover the beauty in all things and help others find beauty in what surrounds them every day.

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Episode 10 - Vivien (Siloliage)

Vivien, known on Instagram as Siloliage ('sigh', 'low' + 'liage')
Vivien is a Malaysian living in Brooklyn, NY. She is in the midst of creating an indoor tropical jungle to remind her of home.

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Episode 11 - Tanner the Planter

Tanner, along with his wife Erika, is the owner of the north Texas-based plant shop, called Famous in Oregon. Tanner grew up in Pilot Rock, Oregon always surrounded by beautiful greenery and the mountains. He has seen firsthand the immense benefits of having plants to take care of, but he’s also quick to point out that to get the real benefits of growing, you can’t just read about plants. It’s about personal interaction with plants and getting your hands dirty.

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Episode 12 - Angie (IG Live)

It's been a fun & wild first season of the Wine Down the Week podcast. Stay tuned for Season 2 coming in the new year! Thank you to all of our guests from Season 1!

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