WallyEco Installation

WallyEco Installation Step 1
  • 1. Out of the box; all hardware and instructions included.

WallyEco Installation Step 2
  • 2.  The Wally Eco’s hardware is neatly housed within the planter basket.

WallyEco Installation Step 3
  • 3.  Components: 1 basket, 1 divider, 1 wall bracket. Hardware: 1 #8 1.25” flathead screw, 1 #8 drywall anchor.

WallyEco Installation Step 4
  • 4.  Set hardware aside. Remove the divider from the planter basket. Flip the divider around and firmly slide back into the planter to lock it in place, creating the watering channel.

WallyEco Installation Step 4
  • 4.  When hanging the Aspect make sure you install the 1 Swag Hook first before the 2 Wall Fairleads. The swag hook should be installed directly above the Aspect on the ceiling. Find a location that is suitable for hanging the Aspect and use a 3/16” drill bit for the included swag hook anchor.

WallyEco Installation Step 5
  • 5.  Place desired plants in the base of the planter basket and arrange accordingly. Suggested plant size: 1 6″ plant. Suggested soil volume: For a 6″ plant with a depth of 5″, 4.5 qts or 18 cups of soil

WallyEco Installation Step 6
  • 6.  Soil around the plant’s root balls. Ensure soil comes up higher than the holes on the reservoir divider panel. Always use a high grade potting soil.

WallyEco Installation Step 7
  • 7.  Use a 1/4” drill bit if using the included anchor. If not, use a 1/8” drill bit.
    Pro Tip: Use a hand screwdriver to drill in the last half of the screw. This prevents over-torqueing of the anchor, which can result in loose brackets.

WallyEco Installation Step 8
  • 8.  Using two hands, place the back of the Eco onto the mounting bracket. It will firmly slide into place.

WallyEco Installation Step 9
  • 9.  Enjoy your new living wall! The Wally Eco has a guaranteed life span of 5 years and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

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