Are You A New Plant Parent? You’re Not Alone. Houseplant Hype: Trend Or Transformation?


New Plant Parents And The Houseplant Hype: Where Did it Come From and Where Will it Take Us?

The houseplant- quickly becoming the hottest thing since sliced bread.  Why?  Well, why not.  They’re beautiful, easy to care for and are always sure to add that much needed touch of freshness, dimension, and life to any space – not to mention the health benefits.  This has always been common knowledge to the gardening community, but guess what – secret’s out and now everyone and their mother wants to get a hold of some houseplants.

And again, for a very good reason.  But now with platforms like Instagram that allow the sharing of beautiful photos of beautiful houseplants, it’s hard not to be inspired to go out and treat yourself to a few of your own.  Even Amazon has hopped on board and is now delivering plants like succulents right to your doorstep.

The Trend

Check out the recent and skyrocketing popularity of houseplants like Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Devil’s Ivy and Pothos.  This kind of growth rate is typically reserved for things like ground-breaking tech.


Monstera Trend

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig 2012 20181

Devil’s Ivy

Devils Ivy 2012 20181


Pothos Trend 2012 20181

It’s great to see this many people committing to not just some trend, but an improved lifestyle.  But here’s the thing, I’d like to challenge you to think of houseplants as a sort of  the “starter pack” of plants in your home.

We love our houseplants.  The Soltech office and our homes and apartments are flooded with them.  The overall look and feel of the plants in the room earn us compliments regularly, but honestly, the houseplants are not the showstoppers.  Coffee, avocado, strawberries, etc. – now those make a statement.

The Challenge

Want to take your plant game to the next level?  Get something unique – uniquely you.  Show off your style and match it with your favorite and “perfectly you” plants.  This could be anything from an olive tree to lavender.

People have stayed away from these incredibly popular and exotic options in the home, because traditionally, maintenance was virtually impossible.  But now, taking care of plants has never been easier.  Plants need light and plants need water.  We’ve taken care of the lighting situation with the world’s sexiest grow light – the Aspect, leaving you to just occasionally but regularly water your flourishing friends.  A routine that is probably as therapeutic to you as it is necessary to them.

Don’t know where to start?  Check out just a few of the incredible plants you can now grow in your home here

So, first things first.  If you haven’t already, get yourself some houseplants.  You should be warned – it’s fairly addicting.  But don’t stop there!  We’d like to challenge you to go past the houseplants.  Get creative and get growing.

Might take a little extra work, but we promise – the “wows” will be worth it.

Aspect 20w Black 


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Virginia M.
I recommend this product

Light is perfect, timer is not

The light is so beautiful! Extremely sleek and feels very solid, like a quality fixture should. I ordered the large white version, and the wood arm so I could attach that to the wall rather than fuss with the hardware and hook it to the ceiling. (I'll avoid drywall anchors at all costs, but it's great they were included). My plants are happy, and I'm thrilled with how it looks in my home! Only issue I've had is with the outlet timer - it just doesn't work. The instructions aren't complicated, of course there's always a potential for user error but there's only so many switches that can be flipped and I've tried all directions with no success. Admittedly its rather frustrating, since I'll have to figure something else out if I'm not home to turn the light off and on..

I recommend this product

Working very well

We’ve been using our lights for 8 months now and really like their appearance and function. Great product.

I recommend this product

So far so good.

I’m writing this review for the 10% off. I’ve just received these lights, but after a week of use they seem to be working well. They are certainly more attractive than the average grow light and give a very nice ambiance. I’m not quite sure they are worth the cost, but I would probably still recommend these to someone who wants a visually pleasing grow light.

I recommend this product

Awesome Light

This light is beautiful and effective. My monstera is already growing faster!!

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