Hanging Grow Lights For Plants

What Are Hanging Grow Lights? Why Do My Plants Need Them?

If you enjoy decorating with plants, it is critical to create an environment in your home that imitates their natural climate in order to sustain them. The most important element in a plant-friendly environment is to deliver the right amount of light to your plants... which can be extremely difficult! Though natural lighting from windows can be sufficient for some plants, many plant parents will find that they need a supplemental light source to keep their plants happy.


Grow lights are a smart solution to this problem. They use targeted spectrums to mimic the growing power of the sun! However, artificial lighting options for indoor gardeners can often be confusing. A simple search query can generate hundreds of different products. These range from red/blue LED lights, incandescent bulbs, HID systems, fluorescent bulbs and even plasma light!

In addition to the confusing choices on the market, grow lights are often visually unappealing and made for commercial purposes, not the home. Red and blue grow lights may be efficient, but cast a distracting color onto living spaces. Though commercial grow lights are powerful, they are typically too bulky for interior design applications.

The Perfect Hanging Grow Light For Your Home.

As plant lovers who take pride in our homes, we wanted to create a hanging grow light that is both powerful enough to sustain any plant, but also beautifully complements a range of interior design styles. After endless research on plant and light science, and countless testing and prototyping, the Aspect™ LED grow light was born.

The Aspect™ is unique to all other grow lights on the market. This is because we designed it with interior design applications in mind. As the world’s first luxury plant light, the Aspect boasts a high precision photosynthetic spectrum that comes in a stunning warm, white hue.

With a color rendering index (CRI) of 97, the Aspect™ will bring you and your plants the supreme lighting quality that is traditionally reserved for museums and galleries.

Large Black Aspect™ Hanging Grow light growing an olive tree
Large Black Aspect™ Hanging Grow light growing an olive tree

The Technology Behind The Aspect

Plants are able to absorb nearly all wavelengths of light, but the process is very inefficient and a waste of electricity. It was discovered that only a narrow range of blue wavelengths, between 440nm – 460nm, and red wavelengths, between 630nm – 680nm, are easily absorbed by chlorophyll and effectively used for photosynthesis. The result of this discovery led to highly efficient red/blue LED lighting to take command of the grow light industry.

This is great news for commercial growers, but nothing was created for residential use until now. We created the Aspect™ to produce wavelengths that correspond with photosynthesis yet function as interior lighting.

The Aspect™ is unique because it creates light using a balance of blue, green, and red. We focused on a 1:4 ratio of blue to red light for healthy root and stem development. This ratio is critical because blue light supports root development and dense plant growth, while red light supports plant growth and flowering. An unbalanced spectrum will cause deformation, elongation, or a weak root system. We also provided enough far-red light (680+ nm) to enhance the photosynthetic efficiency of other wavelengths using a process called the Emerson effect.

Learn more about the science behind our grow lights here.

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How to style the Aspect Pendant LED

You can hang the Aspect™ up by itself, or pair it with one of our accessories. For a sleek modern look, try the Italian Archetto. Or make a stylish statement with the adjustable pinocchio. See how our happy customers have styled their Aspects!

Large Black Aspect™ Plant Light with the Pinocchio wall mount
Large Black Aspect™ Plant Light with the Pinocchio wall mount
Large White Aspect™, via @thepineappleestate
Large White Aspect™, via @thepineappleestate
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