5 Gorgeous Grow Light Fixtures For Your Vita Grow Bulb


You are now the owner of a Vita Grow Bulb from Soltech Solutions. Now the hard part begins, finding a light fixture befitting of your top of the line bulb. Finding the right light fixture is an important decision for a variety of reasons.

You want to make sure that the fixture is capable of holding your bulb in place securely. The last thing you need is for your brand new bulb to break due to a poor fixture letting it fall. Also, you need to know the voltage for the light, in order to not fry any electrics involved. Last, and certainly not least depending who you ask, is how it looks. Sure, almost any light fixture would work fine, but you’re trying to make your home a plant paradise. You want it to look good to fit the aesthetic of the room you are constructing.

What is the Vita Grow Light?

Standing Lamp White Vita Fiddle leaf fig

The Vita is an LED grow bulb that supports the growth of your plants with its highly precise photosynthetic spectrum while illuminating your space with brilliant, warm white ambient light.

Simply screw it into any traditional light fixture to give your plants the light and life they deserve. Happy plants, happy home. It’s this easy.

It comes with two different beam angles, Narrow (36°) and Wide (60°). Depending on how far away your plant is from the bulb will determine which is best for you. If your plant is closer than 3 feet away, get the wide beam angle. If your plant is farther than 3 feet away, get the narrow beam angle. 

In terms of voltage, the Vita grow light has two variants. The dimmable version takes 120V and the non-dimmable version fits the range of 100-277V. This is very important to know as you will need to ensure that your home and outlets are providing the correct level of electricity to the bulb. Too little and the light will be weak, too much and you will fry the bulb and burn it out very quickly.

Check out this blog from Better Homes and Gardens to learn how to check the voltage of outlets in your home. Along with this, its consumption is only 20W while producing 1500 lumens. This basically means it shines brighter without using more energy, allowing it to fit many on the market light fixtures. 

The base of the Vita Grow light is an E26. E stands for Edison and 26 refers to the diameter of the screw in base in millimeters. This is a very important spec to know because this is the main part that will keep the bulb in the socket. If the light fixture has a bigger socket than the screw, it will fall out. On the contrary, if it is smaller than the screw it won’t fit at all. Luckily, E26 bulbs are some of the most universally used bases, so finding a light fixture with this spec will be relatively easy. 

Why is a light fixture important?

Light fixtures are more than just a piece of metal to hold up your bulbs. Their lamp shape determines the amount and in which direction light goes. It needs to be safe enough electrically to save your bulb from burning out in power surges. Also, it needs to have threading solid enough to ensure the light bulb stays in place and doesn’t fall out. 

The Vita is a top of the market grow light that is capable of not only providing a precise photosynthetic spectrum but also great ambient light. In order to get the maximum potential out of this bulb, you need to give it the proper equipment.

What are the top 5 Light fixtures on the market?

Here are our top 5 gorgeous light fixtures for your Vita grow light bulb. 

New Curvilinear Mid-Century Sconce

light fixtureThis fixture is elegant and will allow your Vita grow bulb to live up to its reputation.

This light fixture is one of the best you’ll find on the market. Made of a metal body with a brass finish, this light fixture looks elegant and sophisticated; perfect for your VIta grow bulb. Coming with a short or long arm version, it is simple to get the perfect one for your plants. It has an E26 socket and accommodates one 60W LED equivalent bulb, so your Vita should be safe in this gorgeous light fixture.

Barn Caged Dining Room Ceiling Pendant

1200x1200 e1657809579838These beautiful ceiling pendants allow for a rustic feel to your lighting fixtures.

This hanging pendant goes great with one of the eco-friendly pots we highlighted in this blog. It gives off a very rustic feel while allowing for your bulb to live up to its potential. Its voltage is 110V-120V, has a E26//E27 bulb base and is suited for LED lights such as the Vita.

Black Flush Mount Light

47491622 e1657809627469This mounted fixture offers a nice modern feel to your indoor plant garden.

This mounted light fixture provides any room with an elegant modern feel. Its telescopic arm ranges from 27in-48in and has a full rotation of 180 degrees, allowing it to be versatile when lighting your plants. It has an E26 base, is suited for LED bulbs with a max wattage of 60W and has a durable matte black finish meaning it will continue to give you that elegant feel for a long time. 

Brass Nook Adjustable Wall Sconce

55760 XXX v1 e1657809672757This brass wall sconce is a cheaper option, but still brings that luxurious feel to your home.

This brass wall sconce is crafted with brass and iron to give off an antique look. It has an adjustable arm and shade to provide you with different angles and set-ups for your lighting scheme. It requires a 40W equivalent bulb and has an E26 bulb socket. 

Santa Barbara Taper Pendant

DIN California Carson 0505 SPR22D1 e1657809736533This taper pendant offers a gorgeous coastal feel to whatever room you have it in.

The Santa Barbara Taper pendant is the last, but certainly not least, in our top 5 gorgeous grow light fixtures. This pendant gives off a coastal vibe, with the handwoven rattan coming in brown or black. It has an E26 bulb socket and a recommended 60W max bulb. It is hardwired so make sure you like the location of it when you have it installed as it will be a hassle to move it. But nonetheless, this pendant is a beautiful way to show off the power of your Vita grow light!


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Virginia M.
I recommend this product

Light is perfect, timer is not

The light is so beautiful! Extremely sleek and feels very solid, like a quality fixture should. I ordered the large white version, and the wood arm so I could attach that to the wall rather than fuss with the hardware and hook it to the ceiling. (I'll avoid drywall anchors at all costs, but it's great they were included). My plants are happy, and I'm thrilled with how it looks in my home! Only issue I've had is with the outlet timer - it just doesn't work. The instructions aren't complicated, of course there's always a potential for user error but there's only so many switches that can be flipped and I've tried all directions with no success. Admittedly its rather frustrating, since I'll have to figure something else out if I'm not home to turn the light off and on..

I recommend this product

Working very well

We’ve been using our lights for 8 months now and really like their appearance and function. Great product.

I recommend this product

So far so good.

I’m writing this review for the 10% off. I’ve just received these lights, but after a week of use they seem to be working well. They are certainly more attractive than the average grow light and give a very nice ambiance. I’m not quite sure they are worth the cost, but I would probably still recommend these to someone who wants a visually pleasing grow light.

I recommend this product

Awesome Light

This light is beautiful and effective. My monstera is already growing faster!!

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