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Complete Plant Lighting Guide: How To Use Aspect Pendant Grow Lights

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6 Attractive Spring Interior Design Trends

Spring Interior Design Trends for 2018 It’s time to welcome Spring interior design with a new home refresher. Just like your wardrobe changes with the […]

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Ultimate Succulent Guide: Growing Tips, Decor & More

Dive into the enchanting world of succulents with us in our ultimate succulent guide! Widely loved for their variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, […]

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Plant Styling Tips: Enhance Dull Space with Hanging Plants

Plant Styling Tips: Enhance Dull Space with Hanging Plants We all know plants are the latest & greatest trend for interior design. Whether you have […]

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Gardening Under Lights, By Leslie F. Halleck

Want to grow your own food & flowers indoors? Gardening Under Lights demystifies the science and art of indoor growing. We are excited to announce […]

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First Friendship February Giveaway! 2018

Plants make people happy, and so do giveaways! We’re thrilled to announce the Friendship February Giveaway hosted by Bloom & Grow Radio, The Sill, Soltech […]

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